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I've wondered this about film gear in general, not just the high-ed stuff. Who is paying $1K+ for a new enlarger, when decent used ones are plentiful and practically being given away? Institutional buyers, and buyers for whom there are tax advantages, I guess. If you are a commercial user and expect to really be using the camera very heavily, it might still be worth buying new to make sure you get something that will last. But this is, I think, part of the reason new film cameras are almost gone--the supply of used gear is more than equal to the demand.
I bought a new Kaiser a while back ago from Freestyle. I felt no qualms whatsoever about paying for a high quality enlarger and supporting the industry.

I do buy used plenty - but there are also times when I buy new. Just not when the price doesn't match the purchase itself. For instance if a company were selling a 7k$ rangefinder, no I would not buy that - period. But if it were being sold new for 1k$, and used for 500$, I might consider buying it new because I may feel it's worth it's price. In the case of the enlarger I still felt it was worth it's price.

Comparatively, I picked up a used, but solid, DeVere 504 with transtab, a ton of neg holders, 3 Schneider lenses, and some odds and ends for around 1k$ and felt it was definitely worth it based on the value of the equipment itself and it's solid functionality.

Sometimes there is the market and sometimes there is perceived value.