Item for Sale: Promaster 1700 flash

Item Condition: cosmetically 8/10, ive never used it nor put batteries in it but the person i got it from said it worked fine

Sale Includes: flash

Price: $20 shipped and pp

Payments Accepted: paypal, money order

Best Contact Method: pm or email at

Feedback: POTN, APUG, FM, G35Driver

Reason for selling: no need for it

Item for Sale: Slik Tripod, Sprint Mini GM Model

Approximate age of item: about a year

Item Condition: 9.5/10

Sale Includes: tripod with carrying case

Price: $50 shipped and PP

Payments Accepted: paypal, money order

Tripod is VERY compact, i carried it in my carry on to go to NYC, but i dont use it at all. i used it that one time and never since then. its actually pretty sturdy for such a small tripod, nice ball head too.

Item for Sale: Chinon 55mm m42 lens + unknown 135 m42 lens

Item Condition:i would say 6/10 for the pair

Sale Includes: both lenses

Price: i want to let them go for $45 total shipped and PP OBO

Payments Accepted: money order, paypal

Item for Sale: Unknown brand tripod pan/tilt head

Item Condition: 8/10

Sale Includes: tripod head

Price: $35 shipped and PP

Payments Accepted: paypal, money order

While i dont know the brand, it does have a very vertain manfroto esque to it, and its very sturdy, holds a 1d3 + nikon 400/2.8 good enough, not like w wimberly but it does not feel unstable.

Item for Sale: 2 filters as listed

Item Condition: 9/10

Sale Includes: what you see in the photos

Price: $50 for the pair, shipped and PP