Hi, I'm trying to convert my Durst m605 to medium format. I know I need an 80mm lens and a new lens board (siriopla), although If if any body thinks i can get away with using the original recessed board that would be better!

I am confused about the negative carrier. When I bought the enlarger (secondhand) it had 35mm glassless inserts. The manual says I need to buy a Sivopar 66 glassless insert. Great, these are readily available. My confusion is that the sivopar 66 is stated for use with a sinoneg carrier, which I believe comes with the newer durst m670. My enlarger has an older sirioneg carrier.

My question is simple. Will a sivopar 66 insert fit in a sirioneg carrier? The durst m605 is stated to work upto 6x6, although negative masks are available up to 6x7, does this mean I can actually enlarge up to 6x7?

Any help greatly appreciated....