here on APUG in the galleries, there are several images done with that camera.
beautiful ones!

I think this camera is a "sleeper" - it is "worth" much more than 40$ if you look at the results.
However, it seems to sleep in the eyes of photographers, but I have seen a slight increase in prices of this one.

"bay has several - some cheap - some not.
In a Austrian store there are three - they run from 75 to 99€ (100 - 140$).

I have three now - I purchased my first after looking in awe at some images here on APUG.
Sharpness is ok, but what really makes this camera special is the smooth rendering of the out of focus areas.
I have never seen anything like it in MF.

I have a lot of great MF cameras - from Voigtlander with a Heliar to Rolleiflex 2.8F, but no one gives that creamy background as the Ricohflex does.

My students love it too - as it has a price they cn afford.