I've not used anything similar to compare, but love my P6. It has 50, 80, and 120 mm lenses, plus prism and waist level finders, and replacement split-prism focusing screen which is a lot brighter than the original - a good kit.

The winding mechanism is a little fragile. Following instructions on film loading and winding solved a lot of overlapping frame problems, but not all. The only real fix is Baier Photo's film advance control modification - I've had no problems since the upgrade, but it cost more than I paid for the camera. While away for the modification, it was also tested for shutter speed accuracy. Fortunately mine was fine, but that would have been another expensive piece of maintenance to resolve if not.

If you don't have any compatible kit already, it's definitely worth investigating more modern and reliable alternatives, or be prepared to spend GBP200+ on modifications and maintenance if you buy a P6.