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For temperature, there are a few cathes;
1) Make sure your FILM and TANK are at temperature before starting (a decent preheat, at least 5 minutes without prewet, preferably more, or a 2-stage prewet with carefully measured temperature)
2) Make sure your DEVELOPER is at correct temperature. Measure the developer, not only water bath.

If your process is not consistent, it's hard to say whether one process is more forgiving than other. After all, what the inconsistency is, it's randomness, and you can have good results by luck. Make your process consistent.
Well, in this case, i was doing everything 'right'. In the sense that I was checking my developer temp, i prewashed in 107F water and left the tank in the water bath to maintain temperature between inversions. I would say that 4 inversions every 30 seconds is almost too much for this kit, though it may have something to do with the way the top vent is constructed on my plastic tank. At least as far as creating a magenta mask on the negative. The first several rolls I put through the Digibase came out 'wrong'...by the time i hit the 8th roll, my results were much better as the developer exhausted, but i still had overly saturated colors and strange color balance. For instance, i took some late evening shots at a Colorado Park called 'Red Rocks'. There was a very yellow sunlight and deep shadows. The shots look as though they were taken about 10 oclock in the morning on a clear day. Great blues and yellows, no red tones or green tones whatever.
I certainly assume 'user error' before I would say that the chemicals are poor as this was my first attempt.