From what I have read on the internet. It is true that the Kodak (Kodalux) labs no longer process Kodachrome. The Kodak mailers do have expiration dates on them. About 2 1/2 years ago I lost 2 of 4 rolls in the mail. First loss in over 25 years. Kodak's tracking system claimed they never received them, including the ones they did process and mail back to me. I have used the drugstore chain Walgreens in the last year to drop off Kodachrome for forwarding to Kodak processing which is now done by Dwayne’s Photo Service for them. That's after Kodak forwards the film to them. Just make sure Walgreens knows what they have to do with that roll of "slide" film. They get a little confused about what it is. The price is also very cheap.

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