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It would be interesting, fun too, if pictures posted in the Galleries would be accompanied, not by the uninteresting technical details (who really cares about what f-stop was used???), but by a motivation, an explanation of why the particular picture was made to begin with, why it was made to look the way it does, and why any viewer might/should care about it and not just ignore it.
Great idea and I hope it is implemented.

I don't care to think of myself and my photography as being special or unique - it's not what I strive for, it's not the reason I do what I do. All I can do is shoot with passion and hope it comes across to another viewer. If not, then at least make it so it comes through for me. Not too many people have seen my photography though, so I guess I just rely on whether or not the process is therapeutic/enjoyable for me. So far, so good.