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Thanks, Stan.

I'm now figuring to take a very low-key entry into medium format; one that I can afford to lose if I don't like it . I'm now looking into a Yashica 635: I've searched the web and not one cross word about the 635 anywhere -they all love it.

Sure, it's only a step above the Box Brownie , but it does take 120 film and people say the results are quite satisfactory (for beginners like me, at anyrate).

What's more, it is very simple in design and not much to go wrong...and cheap (like me )

Did I mention it was cheap?
I don't recall about the 635 in particular, but many of the older Yashica TLRs have really good Yashinon lenses. In that case, it is many large steps above a box brownie (don't take me wrong here, I love my box brownie). The Yashicas are fine cameras and the older ones especially are very good deals. The newer ones, especially the 124G have gotten kind of pricy, it seems.