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Hi, does anyone have any experience with the "Pentacon six TL"?

I know of one that is available (rather a high asking price).....

What do you think? Is it worth taking a risk -or not?
The "rather high asking price" would bother me quite a bit. I have one - a P6 TL, and I love it. Sure it's a little finicky, but so am I.

It is not, however, a treasure to behold. It is a tool to be used. If the price is good, go for it and you'll have good tool. If the price is high, walk away. As much as I love mine, I cannot recommend you over pay. It's a good 50 year old design.

If you want one, look for one that you don't describe as "rather high" on the front end. You can almost expect you may end up paying for a CLA, and in my mind that's part of the price.