I had a go with the circ. pol filter on yesterday, with confusing..results?
I set my light meter up to test out what the exact compensation factor would be,
so I had it set to give me readings 1.7/stop wider than normal.
I took two shots in a 10 minute period, right after each other. For the first polaroid
I had the filter turned so that it was un-polarized-looking (?) through the lens.
Exposed that one according to the meter's compensated reading, 1/6 @ f22.
It looked normal enough, sky plain, pretty flat light.
The second polaroid I turned the filter round so it was showing up the contrast
through the lens visibly. Exposed that one for 1/6 @ f16 because the light
was quickly fading and the reading had gone down one stop in the space of
4 minutes. That second polaroid gave me the sky/cloud contrast you associate
with polarizers, but the overall exposure looks muddy, and underexposed.
? Am I not using it right?