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Have an Olympus RC coming from a member here on APUG. This was originally the rangefinder I was looking for. Photos look real nice, and it's fully functional. Hopefully was sent out today. Really looking forward to getting this.Should make a nice carry camera. It will be my first rangefinder.

Also ended up winning an auction for a Yashica Electro 35 GSN. New light seals and recent CLA, in near mint condition. Photos looked great. 14 day inspection period, advertised as fully functional with bright finder and accurate focusing. Includes the Yashica Guy's battery adapter and a new battery. It also is on it's way.

I've done it again, gotten too many irons in the fire and end up with two cameras when I only intended to buy one. :-) No one else does that I'm sure!!!!
You should like the GSN I have a GS with the telephoto and wide angle adapter with the view finder and it takes great pics. If you don't want to use the battery adapter the correct battery can be had for about 7USD, it is an A32/A164 6v alkaline and can be found online.