Here is a little Achromatic Meniscus doublet set in a Polaroid Copal 0 size shutter.

This is the same formula as the oldest known lenses although this one is only about 90 years old. The Achromatic Meniscus was the basis for the oldest "landscape" type lenses. But typically they would be choked down to f12 for focus and f32 - f64 in practical sharp use.

What few have known or cared less about (the Japanese excluded as far back as 1917) is that when you open them up, they are among the best of the soft focus lenses.

Gundlach and Spencer Portland were among the best of these type lenses, and later Eastman Kodak in their Portrait series. You can control sharpness by simply stopping down until the image on the ground glass is what you seek.

This is set in a Copal shutter. The focal length is 4 inch f5.5. The aperture is accurate and the shutter speeds are perfect. Makin' it easy for you to get creative! It illuminates 4X5. There are images made with THIS lens here. $155 + shipping