Pentax Lenses are getting outrageous prices IMO. It's a Dutch Tulip Market. Asking prices of $1400- 1500 for an 85mm(pentax)???? That's an ounce of GOLD or better!! Now I ask you.. if you had an ounce of gold TODAY would you buy/exchange it for one PentaxMF lens? And use it? In the field? Without a prophylactic?

And you used to get a bargain on C*L not so true anymore. The few local pawn shops I've visited don't have any film cameras cause they don't loan on ''em. may get lucky and see some lenses or digicams. So what does that mean... the needful can't get the cash ticket so they figure they try to max it on the classifieds.

Although, I have been foolish spending a couple of ounces on crap film cameras/accessories/film in the last year. KICK ME!