The first camera I used was my Dad's Pentax Spotmatic (which he still has). The first camera that was mine was a Ricoh SLR given to me by one of my Grandparents for a grade 6 field trip. That lasted for a bit until I got another hand me down in the form of a Canon AE1-P that served me all through highschool yearbook. In yearbook one of the other students was a photo junkie and bought a used F3, and then I got hooked on Nikon.

I worked for a year as the schools gopher for minimum wage and saved enough to buy an F4 when it came out. I still have the F4 and just picked up an F6. Along the way in University I dabbled in 4x5, and ended up building one of the Bender kits. Last year the buddy who indroduced me to Nikon gifted me his Calumet 8x10, so I've been having fum making contact prints.