yes, that 210 Componon was my standard wide 8x10 lens for at least a year, I probably shot 100+ negatives with it jsut fine. I finally gave it to a friend of mine starting in 4x5 and had hit upon hard (harder than me) times, along with a couple of boxes of fomapan that I just couldn't get comfortable with.

Lots of light scratches can reduce contrast, though thorough shading and attention to craft (i.e. knowing you'll have to dev for 20% or 30% more to get the snap back) can offset the effects. I have a 135 Fujinon with significant cleaning marks that is likely my favorite lens on 4x5. Neither of my Hassy lenses are pristine, and shoot just fine. I guess it really depends on an individuals financial situation as well, for the first few years return to photography, I shot with an 8x10 C1 and the aforementioned Componon and a 12" T-R triple in a Betax. Worked just fine for me, even on Ultrafine Dupe Film, which is merciless in revealing image defects in my experience.

I prefer to take the view that it can allow me to spend some time with a lens and decide if I want to find one in better condition if the f.l. or design jives with my aesthetic while passing my good fortune to another person. While most of my LF work is flim/optical printing, with contemporary hybrid approaches, loss of contrast is easily dealt with in post if need be, as long as it isn't veiling flare that obsucres details in the lover zones.