My first was a Konica P&S with fix focus, one shutter speed and two apertures (named 100/200 and 400 ISO). Flash can be turned on and off manually. No automatic stuff. I have taken lots of pictures with it when I was on vacation and school trips back then (I am 25 and "back then" is 1990).

I didn't get any other cameras until 2001 when I bought an Olympus Digital Camera (great thing) and it brought my interest to life. Then I asked my father to find his SLR and let me borrow it. Then I was out shooting with a Pentax Spotmatic with 50mm and 135mm. Great!

Some months later I got my own SLR. Canon EOS 300 with 28-105 and 70-300 Sigma lenses. Then later I got a Canon EOS 7E and a Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8, and a flash was added, too.

Now I use the Canon EOS 7E and the all the lenses plus Olympus OM-1 and Mamiya 500TL.

Greetings Morten