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mostly for enlarging papers
If you haven't used Azo or Lodima yet, what do you mean by 'mostly'? To my knowledge they and the new Fomalux are the only contact speed papers around.

From the Kodak B&W Darkroom Dataguide, 1988: The ISO paper speed of both Kodabromide and Elite Fine-Art enlarging papers was 320 at grade 2. Grade 2 Azo has an ISO paper speed of 4. That's more than 6 stops difference. I don't think a 30 watt bulb will quite cut it for a silver chloride contact speed paper, which is what RPippin is using.

Azo was invented at the turn of the 20th Century. You want an old fashioned, plain incandescent bulb. It doesn't do well with modern UV-accentuated bulbs such as the ones they make for illuminating indoor gardens to accelerate plant growth. The frequency spectrum of your bulb is more important than the wattage.