Well, yes and no.
In this case, the urge that is extremely difficult to avoid running into isn't a photographic one. (Just like my point about urges wasn't restricted to photographic ones).
You're absolutely right about the willy-nilly posting of photos. Very 'restrained' behaviour here, much worse in other places.

It generally is very hard to avoid the incessant stream of 'creations' without becoming a recluse, locking yourself up in a cell without any contact with the world outside. And i don't believe we would or should want to.
Yet, keeping ourselves 'open' to whatever our fellow human beings do and produce, i (at least) can't help noticing that the vast majority of 'creative products' aren't worth the time it takes to even acknowledge they exist (and that includes my own). They may be important, as a 'release of creative tension', the giving in to an urge, an itch you have to scratch. But that doesn't necessarily make them worth anything to anyone else. And only very few are.
But still, Max, they are almost all 'thrust upon us'.