Mine was a "Mini Spy Camera" from the back pages of one of my dad's mechanic/tech mags (can't remember the name)... It came with 5 rolls of film, which I shot up that first weekend & then dragged around for at least six years worth of moves (Navy Brat). Finally lost the rolls without getting them developed. I was sure there were Masterpieces on those rolls... especially the pictures I took of a slide show at the neighbors house.

The first "real" camera I got to use was a TLR Yashica D in my high school graphic arts class. Had that class for 2 years & don't remember much else about the class other than the darkroom.

After high school I followed in my dad's footsteps & joined the Navy. Bought my first camera at the PX in Long Beach- a Pentax K1000. They had just come out & I bought the first one shipped to the PX. Dragged that thing halfway around the world twice. Sold it to buy the first model Mamiya 645. Kinda wish I could have kept the K1000- it was solid.