My first camera was a Polaroid Zip. I still have it today. As far as I know, it still works. After that, it was the Kodak Instamatic 110, the Kodak Disk (still have that too). Went to Europe in 1986 with my dad's Canon AE-1 Program and a 50 mm and 135 mm lenses. I used that camera for a long time (I have it, mostly because I used it more than he did). Used to have an A-1, but recently sold a lot of the gear that wasn't being used as much as it should. The first camera I bought was a Canon Elan IIe. After having battery door problems, that camera was sold and put towards a Leica M6TTL. I later bought a Mamiya 7II, a Toyo 45AII, an Ansco 8x10 and a Hasselblad 501CM.

Of the antique cameras, the ones I think are neat are the Folding Pocket Kodak Model 3A and the Kodak Retina IIa.

I sound like an equipment geek again! Oh well, I've pared down my 'collection' and there are several I didn't mention, but this post is too long as it is.