I wish you the best of luck, even though I think digital photography is just a valid form of photography as analog. I've seen some good and bad analog and digital prints (and made some of each myself, mostly bad ones, though ). One of my photography instructors who taught at the community college I recently graduated from made some of the best digital prints I've seen, and I find them just as beautiful as prints made from a darkroom (Ive seen some of his "real" black and white prints he made years ago, and they're great as well).

Digital prints might lower the value of photography, but I've always been under the assumption that people sell digital prints for less because there's less hands-on time with them. You just tweak them to your liking on the computer and have them printed by someone else who ships them to your doorstep. It's less intimate than making your own analog prints (I know some people do their on digital printing, but it's so much more convenient to have someone else do it). I think if digital photographers valued their digital prints as much as analog photographers valued theirs, the digital prints might sell for more and not devalue the analog prints. (This paragraph has only been my personal experience with people I've went to school with and spoken to about digital photography. I've done no real research on the matter, nor do i intend to, so this may be a slightly educated babbling )

I think this is just a difference in opinion thing, and I hope this doesnt start a digital bashing fest, or an Existing Light bashing fest.

I really do wish you the best of luck

BTW, I dont have a digital camera anymore. I sold mine a while back on the auction site because I never used it