This is an issue that's divisive. Comments like "I believe that digital imaging has not yet produced any unique master pieces." may say more about personal tastes and what exhibitions, books etc have been visited/seen rather than the reality of what's out there Internationally.

I've seen a lot of superb digital work and my own view is it's purely another medium alongside B&W, Colour, Polaroid (& other instant films). John Goto, an Internationally renowned artist/photographer, has produced many unique master pieces that could only be created digitally. Who are any of us to deride his work because it's Digital?

My own work is both film and digital (stills & video), as it happens I choose to only exhibit fully analog work at the moment but plan to go down a hybrid route for Platinum/Palladium prints.

I'm rather ambivalent on taking a stand like this, where I can choose who I show work alongside then I've chosen to do so with other analog photographers but most of my exhibitions are solo work so there's no issues. However I have no problem showing work alongside digital in larger group shows and have done so since the late 1980's.

On balance I think it's better to get analog work seen in as many places as possible, making sure that it's promoted/displayed as such.