I do appreciate the OP's skills and talent, but I think that sort of isolationism is tilting at windmills. The long term view is that we want analog to survive along side digital. It's not a war, it's a medium, and plenty of people like both.

It should be the other way around. Digital folks should be saying, "I don't want to exhibit where old handmade analog images are sold", mimicking the photosecessionalists and their disdain for comparison to traditionally accepted art.

I think analog compares well with digital on a wall. I recently put a 100% analog cyanotype in to a fundraising exhibit of all digital photos. As humble as I tend to be, I think it looked realllllllly nice on the wall in comparison. Not many of images sold even though the prices were low. Most of the sold images had a little blank colored sticker beside them to indicate they were sold. Mine had a sticker with someone's name on it, so apparently someone wanted to make sure someone else didn't take the only handmade image at the event.