Looks like I am going to have to pass. The ESA has me replacing my old electrical panelboard in the house. Fix that by the 23rd, or risk having the power cut off. So I know what I am up to this weekend, with family andf dinner having consumed last weekend.

And just to double the bad karma, on last thursday I just got a roll of 50' of double 8mm Kodachome 25 movie film (expired 81').

I was going to shoot it, even though I know no one will process it now. I am aware that the dye filters in the film may have shifted, but the sensitized emulsion at 25 asa should heve not lost too much speed if I were to process it myself as b&w in the Dave White method (i.e. unspool it in the dark and toss it into a laundry tub of d-76, and stir with spoon ocassionally to agitate.)

Hope everyone has a great shoot. I will try to pass off my 35mm 200 to Dave when we cross paths at the Big One, and then he can wind it off and mail it in.