It's getting down to the wire and I have more Kodachrome than I will be able to shoot before December.

Need some? Want some? Here's what I have:

Seventeen (17) rolls of KR 135-36, dated 11/2010 (Batch 1563) and nine (9) rolls of PKR 135-36 dated 08/2010 (Batch 1562).

All rolls have been frozen since purchased from Adorama and B&H, respectively.

I paid $10 a roll for the KR from Adorama and $17 a roll for the PKR from B&H when I feared it was the last Kodachrome I would ever be able to purchase.

I believe that the PKR is from the last batch Kodak produced. I KNOW that the KR is from the last run.


I want this film to get used. I have no interest in owning a bunch of Kodachrome "souvenirs."

I will gladly accept trades for 120 Tri-X and will consider trades for other 120/220 film.

I'm in the Boston area.