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Just a thought, I hike and I know that every gram counts, but really, you are caring a Pentax 67II into the woods, that's a lot of camera to carry into the woods, that has got to hurt.
I sometimes hike with the P67II+75mm lens, stowed in a Lowepro Toploader in my climbing sac. I sometimes take my Fotoman 617II pano instead, but it's heavy too. The camera is only half the issue - I take the majority of my mountain / landscape photos in lower light, which combined with the often strong wind and d.o.f means that a tripod is essential. Fairly mounts up, weight-wise!

I've also got a lightweight Fuji GA615zi rangefinder which I sometimes use for long mountain trips coupled with a very lightweight tripod, but even though this is a great camera with fab lens, I still love the bigger film size of the 6x7 format...