Camera 7e is MIA, since inadvertedly, an old address did sneak in before send-off.

So apparently the euro-camera is now lost somewhere in the UK, in the hands of Royal mail.

Today I was at my local post office and sendt off a formal request to trace the letter, if possible, and have it sendt back to me. If it shows up, I now have the right address, and will repack and send off in a better option than I did choose the last time (traceable).

Steve offered to cover the extra postage, but I respectfully decline that, if it shows up here, I feel this is a matter of honor for me, to get it safely to the next contender.

I dunno if it is possible to trace this from the other end, but the special branch that does these things in the Norwegian mail goes under the name of the Sherlock Holmes-branch, and they solve mysteries like this every day, so my hopes are still high that we will be able to solve this.

What puzzles me is how the damn yankees and the not-so gentlemanly southerners was able to get to Sile's computer and mix up the addresses among us europeans, most likely it goes to show their omnipresent heavy hand!