Hiya, I normally get my slides done thru WPS as I shoot minimally, I know there is a dude in Palmy ... may try that next time.

They used to cost $15 right .. searching my prev posts, I just checked and it's now $18.50 incl GST (developed and sleeved). I needed the slides asap so I just went to Image Lab which is quoted $17 ex GST. Due to testing a solid ND filter that I have.

Hey, while I'm in the NZ forum. Does anyone know in NZ who sells what in terms of a neutral ND filter? I don't think there is a real neutral filter, but workable filter because I shoot slide film. Given Cokin I heard is not fantastic, Hitech didn't work out, what's left? Lee or Sing Ray (under George Lepp's filters). For the round filters - Singh Ray's Mor-Slo or their Vari NDs?

Call me unfortunate, I bought a Hitech 4 stop (square) for my Cokin P (from B&H) which has a red colour cast which is probably going to be returned, need to be confirmed on slide film, but it goes red on 2 of my digital cameras (white balance not auto). I have also bought a B+W 6 stop solid ND (round) filter on eBay and it has a yellow colour cast, not as strong as the Hitech one though. If you guys are familiar with lightroom, if the camera is set to daylight, I needed 1200 adjustment in white balance (to the cool side) and a -35 adjustment for tint.