Long roll 8/16/35mm tank!!!. Oh Dave, now I'm interested.

I bought a long roll school portrait semi fixed focus type motor driven camera early in the summer; a whole $10 at an auction.

It has an 85mm view camera style lens with the shutter time section ripped out and an electric shutter behind the lens. The image gate I think is 33x44mm, and it swallows unperf film, though perf works if you dont mind it intruding into the image.

Mostly I bought it for the historical perspective of how the job used to be done. One spindle grab roller had dried out; I pulled it off, turned it inside and out and reinstalled it, and I am quite sure works just fine, but I was at a loss of how to process longer than 6' with the paterson tanks I have at hand.

Then I found that Ultrafine sells 100' unperf portra 160nc for sub $30. Oh, I can feel an new/old mad photo rig coming together with my recently restored Norman 200B and LH2 battery pack and head used as the light source.