If anyone didn't get some good close-ups of Castlerigg mud, feel free to stop by and take some shots of the inside of my car boot!

Now that my lungs have (more or less) started working again (and the local dentist has removed his pliers (not empty!) from my mouth!), I'm hoping to process the films and do some quick contact prints this weekend, maybe a couple of work prints too. I'm definitely up for some sort of print exchange, so long as those participating are prepared to live with my cack-handed printing and sloooooooow production schedule!

Avebury sounds good for the Autumn, and a damn sight warmer than Castlerigg! The pub a short walk from the stones helps for a start...! Plenty of interesting locations in the locale. I'd also be interested in hearing a few other suggestions before we settle on one. Maybe one of us should start a new thread for the APUG UK 2005 Autumn Gathering...?