Hi Everybody.

I have a few things for sale.

First up is my Canon F-1n (second mechanical version). It's just come back to me from a fresh CLA by Michael Spencer in the Uk. Besides the CLA he also converted the meter to run on 1.5 volt silver oxide batteries. The camera works perfectly.
Only small minus is a small dent to the prism. Of course one could always swap it out for a cosmetically perfect one, but I would strongly advise against that. This prism has just been cleaned and is clear as a bell.
The camera is an amazing user. Just perfect for that 85mm f1.2!
The camera comes included with a very nice 50mm f1.8 to get you going. The lens works great with very smooth focus, great glass and a perfectly working aperture. Only thing not included in the sale are the strap and the little triangular "metal things" attached to the strap lugs (I need those, but forgot to take them of for the pictures of the camera)
I'm selling this reluctantly, but I've realised I'm not going to use it as much as I thought I would and I hate having cameras sit idle.
I'm asking 200 pounds for the kit.

Next up is a Chinon 55mm f1.4 m42 lens. This lens is also fresh from a CLA from Michael Spencer. When I send it to him, it has a stuck aperture and a dented filter ring. It now works great. Lens is very clean. Filters screw on (although not as smooth as a lens that's never had a dent). If you want to be picky focus gets slightly stiffer as you reach infinity, but it's not a bother, but the focus mechanism is smooth. This is a very very nice lens. I've used it too shoot most of this music video (which should give you an idea what it's capable of since all of it was shot at f1.4. At that time I hadn't had it cla'd yet):


asking 40 pounds for it.

Next up is a Zuiko 35mm f2.8. The lens is in great condition, with smooth focus, perfect aperture, and superb glass. Cosmetics are very good too. This is the chrome nose version. It's very sharp, and a joy to use on any om camera. Only selling since I'm doing ok with my zuiko 35-70 3.5-4.5 zoom for the rare occasions when I still use my beater om-1.
I see these going for 60 pounds or more on ebay.
I'm asking 40 pounds.

Last I have a Schneider 13,5 cm Radionar f4.5 large format lens. Glass is very nice. Shutter is working as it should (one second a little too slow, but the other speeds sound about right). The front glass is coated, the rear glass isn't. This was originally intended for 9x12 cm film, but it does cover 4x5" with very limited movements. This lens is great for that vintage large format look.
It will fit any lens board with a copal 1 opening. Retaining ring is included.
asking 20 pounds.

You can see pictures of the items by following this link:


Disclaimer: All prices are in british pounds. Items are located in Denmark. I ship worldwide. Prices are without shipping. Shipping prices depend on where in the world you are. I take paypal only. Please mark the payment as "gift" to avoid the fees. I've sold a few things here and a lot on ebay under the username mads_hartmann if you want to check credentials.

Kind Regards