Sometimes I am writing to APUG about some basic ccd making threads but moderators becomes furious .
I thinked 30 seconds and found a new idea .
Photochromic technology is a eyeglass technology which a glass or plastic darkens when illuminated and return to its transparent state at dark.
This forum is based on silver and I decided to use silver halides in emulsion or resin.
OK , some factory coats 35 mm film with a resin silver halide mix and coat it on to acetat gelatin base and sell it in a normal package . Someone buy it and take photographs. He winds the film after taking picture and a magnetic tape reader reads the film and records somewhere. When the 36 finishes , they all turn to transparent state and you use the film again
This can be applied to LF and a plate can be used and scanned again and again.

Best ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac