Hello, California APUGers.

Please keep your eyes peeled for an RZ 67 kit that I lost yesterday. I either sat it on top of my car or next to it and drove off in Pasadena.

It is an RZ67 Pro (first model, without the half shutter speeds). A WLF, a Pro II 120 back loaded with Tri-X 320, and a 110 mm f/2.8 lens, hood, and cap were all attached to the body.

Also in the bag (black Amvona with a busted shoulder strap on one side that I tied into a knot) was a 220 Pro back and a 120 insert in an original case and box (though the box is labeled as a 220 insert).

Finally, I had an AE prism in its zippered pouch and a 210 mm f/4.5 APO lens, some cable releases, and a body cap and rear lens cap locked together. There was also a roll of sealed Fuji NPH 220 film in the bag, and a loaded Polaroid back that was ready to shoot shot number seven.

If you see a kit for sale that sounds strikingly similar to this, please inform me as soon as you can.

Thanks in advance!