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1) The time for my temp says I should develop it for 120 seconds. Is this an exact time? What happens if I don't separate the two halves for 4 or 5 minutes?
The Fujifilm Instant is self terminating. You can not peel it for 10 minutes or longer if you like, you only have to worrie about it DRYING out. So the peel time really depends on the humidity and temp where you are shooting this at.

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2) There is a small amount of chemicals left over on the print after I take it all apart. Is this an issue, should I clean it off? Or even wash the print like I do my regular prints? I have kids and want them to be able to have some of the prints...
I would not do anything and just let them dry/cure. If you want to wash them you can but ONLY after they are cured and you must do this VERY gently or you will lift the emulsion off the plastic backing (paper).

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3) Anything else somebody new to Polaroid/Fuji should know?
Shoot a LOT of it and have fun !! Go get some of the Fujifilm FP-3000b stock... you will LOVE IT !!