The thing which makes my photos extremely special is that most of them are pictures of my kids. And since my kids are the best kids in the world (every parent thinks that, but I know it ), these pictures will remain special to me and my immediate family.

PS: I wholeheartedly agree with Ron about criticism of other folk's pics. It may sound very intellectual to complain about the "huge steaming garbage pile of pictures" being imposed on us every day. It may be pleasant for some here to step on a soap box once in a while and scream "YOU'RE ALL PATHETIC DIMWITS" into the general audience, but I'm not sure why APUG should be a platform for this. Most of these pics, especially here on APUG, are the result of careful consideration and elaborate work, and while some or most of these pics may or may not touch a nerve inside you or me, they are still far beyond ordinary random snap shots. Summarily dismissing them as garbage shows ignorance, not aesthetic wisdom.