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My work isn't special. I post much of it on flickr and am lucky if two people look at each picture. I don't have vision or style that is unique. I have no audience. There is simply no reason for anyone to spend time checking it out given the volume of great work out there. It would be nice to say I expect to improve over time but I simply know that isn't the case.

I've grown to be okay with it all; my work is just part of the din of images out there.
You made me look! I couldn't resist, I had to become a contact as I feel we might be kindred spirits!

Why am I special? Like Brian above, my pictures don't get much of a look in, compared to a lot of others. I, as well, have come to accept this, but only to a point.

I have to be honest, I have an ego, just like the next bloke and the bloke next to him. My ego feels good when others like or makes comment on my photos. Does this make me egotistical? Hardly, it makes me human.

But, I have come to accept that my view on life photographically is different to the next bloke. What I now need to achieve in myself is to be true to myself and stick with what I like and not shoot photos that I think the vast majority would like. Its harder then you think!