Hi y'all,

I'm looking for the easy fix (don't we all?). I have a new (to me) 180mm Mamiya TLR Super lens with a bent lens plate "ear" (I'll call it an ear). Looks like the previous owner dropped it at some point in its life. Otherwise this lens is in great condition. The plate is easily removed. 5 small screws. Although the complete lens mounts on to the camera body via the wire hold-down, the lens is a bit wobbly against the camera body face. Negs from this lens show that there is no light leak or focus problems. I'd just like the plate to be flat and have no wobble.

My thought is to put the plate (without the lens) into a vice with a large flat piece of wood on the non rebate side and a smaller piece of wood on the inner (rebate) edge and give it a gentle squeeze.

Waddy ya think?