I started MF back in high school with a not too flash Rollieflex in the Camera Club loaner camera drawer. That set the hook on loving TLR's.

I have had a Yashica C as the first MF of my own, then sold, then bought back, then sold agian after buying a Mamiya C330f.

I do like the flexibility of interchangeable lens from my 35mm SLR side of life, but the C330f is a lot to lug; I call mine the Brick.

I have since then owned and sold a Yashica A, with close up lenses, and borrowed a Yashica D for a holiday. The D was a real treat, but alas not suited to portraiture which is where my C330f gets used a lot with a 180 or 135 lenses.

I would support a modestly inexpensive Yashica as a great starter in MF camera.

It can be a very good thing to get back to one lens and no onboard electronics to whittle back the noise that otherwise can get in the way of capturing many great image opportunities.

Sniff around at a camera show, or look to KEH. You should be able to find one at a price that keeps workers and mangement happy.