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Ron's taken the Ciba (Ilford) route of Dye destruction, this had potential that was never fully realised, it could have yielded films the equal of or far better than Kodachrome. But the companies were complacent and didn't follow through.
So is this where the talk of azo dyes come in?

Ron, could you explain why you've decided to take this route over another, or wax eloquent on what you see as the best approach for a hobbyist in this day and age.

Something of real concern is the cost of these chemicals/dyes. What's the secret to obtaining these at reasonable prices and what processes can avoid the most expensive and impractical of them all?

Chemical toning is something to think about. I'm also kind of intrigued by the idea of duplitized film, that is, emulsions on both sides. Each side can be developed by floating it on the surface of a developer, and in this way the two can be different. Completely impractical?, yes probably, but intriguing?, certainly!

IDK, just thinking aloud.