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I'm similarly interested. This wouldn't be my first medium format but it would be my first in 25 years or so...

What I'm interested in knowing for the Bronica SQ and GS-1 is what all I need for a kit, something I'll be able to take pictures with. Unlike an SLR which is what I'm most familiar with, a 'body only' MF camera doesn't include things like a back and other stuff that an SLR user would assume you get. I realize I need a body, a back, a lens, but what should I ask about to make sure I'm getting a completely usable kit so I don't have to scrounge for other things before I can get started using it?

I'm wondering if it would be best to buy one locally so I can handle it first. See if someone is selling their parents or grandparents old stuff or something... but if I really know what I need I could buy online with confidence so please let me know what is the minimum setup.

If I'm hijacking this thread let me know and I'll take it elsewhere.
For either camera you mention, a "kit" with body+lens+back+viewfinder is probably best(and often cheaper) unless you want to "build" a camera from assembled bits. For the Bronica SQ , both 120 backs and WLFs can be pricey. The Bronica GS-1 is relatively rare, thanks to slow sales. Not sure either would surface in or around Guelph. Henry's eBay "store" is worth checking out--quick, safe shipping and great service. There are several other Canadian eBay sellers who often carry clean MF gear. I've bought all my MF gear off eBay with no regrets.