Mike & John,

Thanks for your encouragement.

Mike Wilde wrote:
I had to recently repair my mamiya 80 lenses set (broken off synch socket after the screws vibrated loose and away) OUCH!

The thing comes apart quite reasonably to leave you with just the plate and two lenses. YUP. ONLY 5 SCREWS TO UNDO AND COME CLEANLY OFF. LENSES STAY TOGETHER.
If the bend is at the top the shuttered lens may not have to come off. YUP

Make careful note of the order any shims are installed in. NONE THERE - COOL.

Work over a towel on a bench so any dropped parts don't bounce and launch themselves onto the floor. LIKE I'VE NEVER DONE THAT. OVER A SHAGGY CARPET. DOH!
Repairs go much faster without 15 minute searches for tiny screws. ONLY 15 - DOH AGAIN.
Once there is enough to grab, I would suggest make a carved hardwook piece (I have used parts of wooden clothes pegs) to put against the lens board.
Then bend or gently mallet with a hardwood dowel as the striker to bend or pound the lens board back until it is in line again. HMMMM

Then re-asemble with care, and snug every thing up, and you are back in business. VERY COOL - THANKS.