Scott, don't let it discourage you, I liked your print though as I said please don't tone it in Viradon a the club / indoors.

As for the comps most of the judges want to see over-sharpened over saturated junk, and the advent of photoshop and the ease at which images can be repaired has meant that they are much less forgiving about small technical faults, I don't see many B&W prints getting much of a look in and the ones that win tend to be the moody film-noir shots or the landscape with a dark & dramatic sky.

I suggest you get thick skin if you want to keep submitting as we've all had our fair share of criticism from the judges and unfortunately it's par for the course just take it in your stride. The judge wasn't singling you out or anything. Most judges these days don't recognize a darkroom print when they see one. I've had judges say stuff like "well this is obviously a film scan" or "this could do with levels/curves adjustment" or "you could have cloned out the people in the foreground" or "skin softening would have been a good choice here"

Next comp I'm going to put in some shots I took at a concert on Neopan 1600 (mega grainy) so that should confuse the judges a bit, I wonder if they will say "it's too noisy" or something.