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Thankfully I can still drop off 35mm, 120 and 220 C41, B&W and E6 right in town here at Ponds Fotosource. They don't sell much film anymore strangely but I can order decent film myself. They make much more money on the processing I guess. I need to get back into developing and printing my own which I did years ago but for now I'll have to stick to 120 and 220 for this reason until I get the darkroom set up. And the old enlarger is just for 35mm so I'd need to shoot chromes for now or get an enlarger and lens for bigger negatives.

Edit: I really like square format, that is what I started with. Something 6x6 would be good but I'm not really picky at this point.

The prices for the Bronica SQ are attractive, looks like the Pentax 645 isn't too bad either. I will watch Henrys though they don't seem to have much in MF. I've bought smaller format stuff from them in the past.
With the C$ close to par, it might be time to make a bulk buy from B&H. Know Pond's but wonder how much film goes thru the lab these days? Processing was what kept them afloat but now?