Have to agree with CGW. First I love my rb67. It's the second one I've owned, and I absolutely love everything about the big beast. No, it's not the lightest out there, but at 58, I can still handle it just fine. Strictly a mechanical camera, so you don't worry about any batteries. The lenses have wonderful contrast, and are tack sharp. And due to the rack, and pinion focusing,and the built in bellows you can get to about 9 inches with out any extension tubes. Macro work with a 6x7 negative is amazing. I too have been lucky on ebay, I have found reliable dealers, and gotten great prices. There are some good prices on the cameras, and quite a few deals on the fine Sekor glass. The only thing that seems to remain on the high $$ side are the film backs. One other thing, the leaf shutter (in each lens) allows the easy use of fill flash for out door portraits. Take your time building you kit if you go RB. Start off with the camera, and prime lens. Usually a 127mm. I would also suggest the Mamiya grip, as it does make it easier to work with, but you can work without it. Good luck, and wellcome tothe MF world.