Thank you , Vdonovan.

I bought the beast from a street seller for few dollars in a excellent condition. I went to Polaroid Istanbul and they donated me two color packages outdated. Few shots were better than I see with bare eye. You know there are many 1850 era stone facaded banks at the center of the city and stone appeared matchless at the paper. I was a Leitz user for many years and money dissolved and Leicas gone.
Than I started to interest with Rollei 35 cameras and finally bought a 35S Sonnar.
But Triotar 35 and Rolleicords are impressed me very much. They are came to life to record lines in a very peaceful contrast. Its a big joy for me to view Triotar galleries and they are purely my selection.
Than I looked to its lens design and its a 3 element in 3 places design. I discovered Tessar is a attachment a 1 more lens element to the last one. It was very similar to the results of my Polaroid 350.
Than I learned Polaroid 350 had a three element Cooke Taylor triplet may be same design with Triotar.

If you visit here next time , stay connected with me. I help you if you need.
I am waiting your pictures , they must be wonderful.

Take care ,