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This method is NOT for use in processing emulsions. It is used in the making and coating of an emulsion.

Photo Flo dilution in water for processing is contained in the name. Photo Flo 200 is thus diluted 1:199 and Photo Flo 600 is diluted 1:599. For use with emulsion coating, the level must be determined by the coater. I use 1/2 ml for every 200 ml of 10% gelatin.

The method of adding a specific surfactants as developer improvers, not just as wetting agents, has been used in developers in the past and some almost certainly still use them. Agfa, Ilford, Kodak & Fuji all have Patents covering their use.

So the answer to Clayne's question is probably yes in theory, but very likely less so in practice because it would be better to add them at the emulsion coating stage which gives greater benefits/effects.

Agfa's 1930's work on surfactants as an aid to elimination air bubbles threw up unexpected results which triggered a number of Patents. Somewhere I have the details and references.

Mason touches on the subject without giving much in terms of references except to work by James (at Kodak).