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Wrong thread but: I was shopping at B&H and locally too, I want some 1600 Fujifilm but they're saying its discontinued, did I miss that? Did Fuji really discontinue Neopan 1600? I thought it was just being renamed Super Presto. Anyways, I don't see either Neopan 1600 or Press 1600 at B&W so I'll have to look elsewhere or stick to 400...

Where do Ponds get their money from these days? Digital prints... It is still more cost effective to have them print for you than doing it at home. They don't make much on developing of film but if you want poster sized prints, canvas, etc. then they do a great job. The big money was always in the prints.
They made serious $ of 35mm dev/print longer than most, thanks to no Costco or Walmart in the area until recently. Check Silvano's in TO for film--a bit cheaper than other Canadian retailers.