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They made serious $ of 35mm dev/print longer than most, thanks to no Costco or Walmart in the area until recently. Check Silvano's in TO for film--a bit cheaper than other Canadian retailers.
They must still make some money off it though they only run C41 three times a week and the E6 gets sent out while I remember when I could get around one hour service there on E6 and C41... drop it off in the morning and pick up after lunch, was a very busy place then! Not so busy now. Still many of the same people work there, it's amazing about that keeping the same people. I just wish their hours were more convenient for me, I can't really get there much during the week, just on the weekends.

Silvano's doesn't have any Fujifilm over 400 ISO that I can see :-( My foray into the dark side has made me like high ISO for action shooting...