Dear friends:

I have a nice, little Angulon 120/6.8 mounted on a lensboard for Technika 5x7. This is all well, but since I also have a Super-Angulon 121/8 (nice, but not little) I figured I'd move the 120 to a Technika 4x5 lensboard to use the extra coverage on 4x5 as opposed to having no movements at all on 5x7.

and now the retaining ring is stuck. Firmly. I just received a lens spanner wrench from S.K.Grimes (they are still in business, and I the wrench took only 4 days from USA to Norway&#33, but the ring is still seriously jammed.

The ring is jammed a little bit out from the lensboard, so that the lens rotates freely in the board...

Any suggestions? Cut the ring? Cut the board? Anything else?